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Affiliate Network Wants YOU… What Should you Want from Them?

You could be lolly gagging about choosing a marketing network but the truth is networks want you.

The amount of competition going today in network commerce has continued to grow that every available opportunity has to be taken in order to advance a business. You want to have a good standing with your future affiliates, join an affiliate network that could improve your standing with your affiliates.

When you have finally made that decision do not overlook the small and new networks. Their names might not be as established (although many are) but these are the ones who usually offer reduced fees promotion to get your membership.

These are the list of benefits that you should be looking in a marketing network that could do your business the improvements that you need.

Protection from Fraud. This gives the most benefit to affiliate merchants that go for the cost per click model. The idea for the system is to protect both you and the affiliate from fraud.

More Sophisticated Tracking. Tracking cookies are not reliable for the affiliates. They look for merchants that employs a more sophisticated tracking that they can refer to for the transactions that they endorsed to a merchant's site. They will choose latest technologies of tracking that can provide both you and the affiliate with reliable reports.

Integrity. Try to find out if the network has a bad reputation with affiliates, avoid them. There are affiliate networks that are downright dishonest. You would not want to be identified with them. The problem lies basically in good tracking systems. Look for networks that applies these technology and it will improve you reputation with your marketing affiliates aside from the often contested commissions that are not being properly tracked and served.

Don't be impressed by numbers. What is the network reputation among other merchants and even with marketing affiliates?

It sometimes happens that there are networks with a large number of memberships that are questionable. Some of these may already be dormant and inactive accounts, some may be merchants that does not have a very good standing with marketing affiliates, while others may not really be producing the results. On the other hand there are small networks that are generating traffic and sales for its merchants. Quality of service rather than membership numbers applies here.

Try also to find out the terms and criteria network that the network has for its merchants and compare.

Customer Service. Usually the first thing that suffers in any growing business is customer service. When customer service suffers reputation and reliability goes down with it. Find a good marketing network that is steadily increasing its membership but is able to maintain excellent customer service both for the merchant and the marketing affiliate.

Direct contact with the affiliate. You may want to have direct access with your marketing affiliates. Although this is not always possible through the network, it may still be helpful to ask. Gaining direct access to your affiliates can help you form valuable relationships with them.

Promotion. In signing up with any network affiliate, find out as much as possible the amount of exposures that the network can provide. For example, is your site to be included in its program in its e-mails, promote you as a client, issue a press release, place a link on its website?


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