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Once you have decided on an affiliate product that you wish to build a web site about or add to your web site. Now you need to create the Affiliate product “Sales Page”.

Research your product.

If you haven’t yet done so, you need to thoroughly research the product or service you will be trying to sell. As I have stated in previous pages, it is a good idea to use the affiliate product first and become familiar with the features. If this is not possible, then try to imagine using the product, read the affiliate programs sales copy, and try to find reviews on the product or service.

What do you like about the affiliate product or service? What don’t you like about it? Make a list of the pros and cons. You will need both to create an effective sales page. It has been found that you will generate much more consumer trust in the item you are trying to sell if you are writing an objective description of the product. That includes adding a few of the things you think could be improved on.

100% positive affiliate recommendations rarely look genuine

Know your target audience

It helps if you are well familiar with the type of person you are trying to sell to. Emphasize the benefits that your affiliate product or service will give to the potential buyer. It is often better to spend more time on the benefits of the product or service and less on the features of the product. Help you visitor visualize owning or using your affiliate product.

Assure the visitor of how easy and safe it is to buy from the affiliate company. This is a great time to tell them how happy you were with the sales experience. Describe a few of the features you found of most benefit when you started using the affiliated product. Try to create a trust in both you and the product you are selling.

Call to action

When designing the sales page for you affiliate product, it is important to make the "Call to Action" clear to your web site visitor. Don't leave them wondering what you want them to do or how to do it. This doesn't mean use a flashing red and yellow banner! But, make your call in a slightly larger print, with a brighter or a contrasting color. Often a simple "Buy Here" link will work very well. Once they are ready, there can be little question where to go when this link is prominent on the page.

When you link to the affiliate programs site, it is better to link to the buy page or the page for product you are selling directly and not to the front page of the affiliate program site. Once the website visitor has clicked on your link to the affiliate product sales page they are ready to buy, don’t make them change their mind by having to hunt for the product or service.


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