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When deciding whether to become an affiliate of a product, look over the site well. In most cases the actual sale will be made on the affiliate program site, not on yours. If the site is hard to navigate, has unconvincing sales copy, or it is difficult to figure out how to buy, then this will result in few if any sales.

Remember, if you find it difficult to get the information you want on the product, so will your visitor.

It is often best to have your link point to a landing page  on the affiliate program site specifically made for the product you are selling. 

Don't point to the main page of the site and make the visitor find their way to the page containing the product you are trying to sell. They’ve already made the decision, help them buy the product quickly and easily.

When you are referring a visitor to an affiliate product, this site then becomes an extension of yours, if the site is loud and spammy, this will also reflect on your site.


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