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Attracting Traffic to your Website Part 2

Affiliate marketing is a recognized cog in online marketing. This is why more and more companies are branching out to tap the potential of this marketing tool.

As this is continually being recognized, more and more independent small websites are trying to tap into affiliate marketing to augment earnings. As the market is filling up, competition to attract more and more traffic to individual websites are being done.

With the varieties of web advertisements that are popping up all over computer screens, it now becomes very critical to come out with advertisements that will grab more traffic attention to keep up with the present market environment.

Here are some suggestions how:


If you want to improve more clicks and inquiries and turn them into sales, you should build a strong headline.

Headlines should scream. Headlines should speak out loud if it wants to be heard. Everyone is trying to. You have to shout louder in order to be heard.

Your sales copy must be very good. It speaks well of the product and the merchant you are representing but if it talks in a whimper, forget it. Your visitors might click to another site.

Make your headlines compelling that people will stop long enough to get to the body of your story. Glancing at good magazines whose story has enjoyed good readership, you will find that headlines has this properties.

· Short burst of very meaningful words. Words that talk directly with the customer. Sentences or sentence fragments that are compressed, like it is press3d for time and wants to tell its story immediately.

See, many of us do not have time for long advertisements, the competition is very active and the customer knows this. There are many varieties of sites to choose from. If your headline will not speak right out the customer changes channel.

· Make your headlines bold, let it stand out. Make the words colorful. Your choice of word must not only be catchy, it should paint a picture or an image in the mind of the browser. Shocking claims can work and provided you can stand up for it, strong adjectives captures more attention. Pack it with words.

Home page

It is a strong sales letter. It ought to be. You are selling a product. Use it to convey the benefits of the product.

· It has to tell about the product you are selling. Customers do not care so much about the credential of the advertisers and the technological expertise behind it. It helps. But not as much as the benefits perceived by the customer in buying from you.

· The article in your home page has to compel the customer in doing the purchase with your merchant, if possible now. To do this, and provided your merchant is not against it, you can use deadline terms.

o Discounts to first so and so callers

o Imminent price increases

o Benefits for buying now.

o Limited stocks available.

o Anything to help your customer decide today while he is at your site.

· Apply bullets to highlight what you are saying and to make your copy more readable and digestible.

· If you can, attach reviews and endorsement to the product.

· State pros and cons regarding your product or service.

Make your copy compelling that the customer will feel like a jackass not getting them today. Tomorrow he may find another website or you may not be able to track whether the click you earned gave you also the sales you need.


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