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More Advanced Benefits for an Affiliate from the Merchant

Aside from the usual pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sales that we already know of, knowing what a merchant offer to his affiliates can make this game a more successful venture for the affiliate marketer.

The basic benefits are:

Pay per click - you get a commission up to $0.10 cents for the hit.
Pay per sale - commissions offered ranges from 5% to 50% that is paid to you usually at the end of each month.

Use of tracking software
The merchant applies software that you can use to track your sales. It should also show the marketer the result of his previous transactions, referrals and inquiries.
For this, it is not advisable to join a merchant that uses cookie applications because the customer can delete the information of the transaction. When that happens, you will no longer be able to track a sale that is to be credited to you.

Affiliate network Services
Good merchant affiliates use networks to facilitate prompt payment schedules

Immediate payout rate.
Payouts that is done within the end of each month or a few days afterwards. It is not advisable to join a merchant whose payment rates are two months and over.

Payment for future sales
You are insured that inquiries to your website or the customers you have referred to your merchant are credited to you even when the purchase is not made during the time of the visit.

Other benefits that should expected in addition to the usual benefits:
Minimum amount payout
Affiliate merchants and affiliate networks usually puts aside a minimum budget for payout. A goal is set by merchants where an affiliate is required to reach to get payment. Some products are harder to sell than others. Find out the minimum amount requirement for reaching the sales amount for you to be able to estimate the achieving of the target.

Carry over terms

When the minimum balance is not achieved within the month, the valance is carried over to the next month to next transactions. Nothing wrong there. However there are merchants that set a deadline for carry over periods. It is not advisable to join merchants that set a fixed deadline for carry over period as this will nullify previous sales balance which should be credited to the marketer.

Back charges for returned products

There are sometimes conditions in a purchase agreement where the buyer can return his purchase after a specified period. When this happens, the marketing affiliates' commission is debited from his account. The marketer has to take note of the charge back periods of the merchants and when this happens, the marketer has to find out how much of the commission is to be debited from his account.

Another issue that the marketing affiliate has to find out is exclusivity clauses. This clause prohibits a marketer from promoting other products that is in competition to what is offered by the merchant and the methods that the merchant uses for conflict resolutions.

Other facilities offered by the merchant.
Aside from banner ads, a good merchant also offers the following facilities

· Free training for promoting products and services
· Real time statistics
· Tracking information
· Website improvement programs
· Help lines for affiliates
· Newsletters

There are many affiliate merchants that offer incentive schemes over the commissions as a means of rewarding their better performing marketers.

Joining programs that offer benefits similar to these can prove to be a very rewarding experience for those who would want to earn the benefits of being a marketing affiliate.


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