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Get the best deals from your merchant

To get the best deals from your merchant will obviously be first the commission package that is offered, next will be the amount and kind of traffic that the merchant site get. But getting the best deals does not only include those. If the package is already the best that the merchant can offer and if his site is already the kind of traffic that you feel is ideal for your kind of operation the next step is to look for are the following:

· The frequency of payment and payment modes.
Merchants pay commissions on weekly, monthly, quarterly and quarterly basis. You have incurred expenses and it is only fitting that you get your commissions as quickly as you can. Besides your commissions will be earning more if your money is already deposited in your bank, right?

Good merchant can provide online, bank to bank transactions. I suggest you do not accept check payments.
As in any business, it is crucial to have control over your cash flow and cash control if you will have financial control.

Look for merchants that have prompt payment terms. Payment within the month is OK even a few days after that. The suggestion is, avoid merchants that pays or delays payment for two months and more.

Good merchants can offer minimum commissions that can get you earning before full commissions are paid.

Tracking Cookies.

Net shoppers do not transact business like they do in traditional outlets. Many of them do not buy immediately on the first click.

If your merchant uses tracking cookies, find out how long the cookie expires. Not finding out how the cookie will last lessen your chances at being paid.

Your merchant should apply more tracking sophistication. Detailed reporting must be made available to you so you can track down the subsequent transactions that were caused by your referral.

Subsequent sales payment.

There are merchants that pays commission only based on customers visiting their site through a direct link from you. You do not get paid for subsequent sales that the customer buys. The referral from your site becomes a one-time deal, as customers from there on will be visiting their sites directly. The customer that was referred to them by your site should be credited to you. If you are to grow your business, repeat sales and credits are important. Find merchants that honor this arrangement.

Promotional resources of the merchant.

What are the merchant's promo resources? Find out the materials that your merchant provides. Most merchants provides the additional benefits so that you can use to improve your site like banners, articles, free guides, special offers and promotional samples. Good promotional materials are often good indicators of a merchant's support for his affiliates.

Still you can choose to make your own banner and ad design on your site. This is to prevent you from having a website that is conformed to the website of other marketing affiliates. Your own design, opted should enable your site to stand out form the rest so you get noticed, attract more clicks and gain more sales.

There are many excellent merchants to chose from. However, as one affiliate has totally different preference from the other, you do your search applying the suggestions given. With the competition up and heated, it is not be very hard to find one.


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