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Getting the Best Deals out of Pre-Selling

The compensation that a marketing affiliate earns from his merchant is not always dictated by the margins that the merchant have for his products. Compensation are for the most part, dictated by market forces.

More and more merchants are getting into online marketing. We know the old rule. If the supply is good, prices go down.

It is not always that marketing and salespeople can be picky about merchants and employers. Today, because of the success of affiliate marketing you can afford to choose. In fact, the choices are so wide that when they say that you can write your own paycheck, believe it.

The competition to attract good affiliate marketers is just as stiff as your desire to land on a good merchant. What makes marketing affiliate a better viable sales force is that they, in the merchants book, are zero investments.

Having said that, what do you have to look for in choosing a good merchant? How would you make sure that you are getting maximum benefits.

· Compare compensation packages.
Aside from you basic website, auto responder, and DSL routes, and fees like joining fees, maintenance fees, and annual renewal fees and network percentage fees, a good merchant takes care of the all other parts of the business that benefits the marketer.

How much is it in commissions that is offered? There are marketers that would choose a high rate commission than those who gives lower rates. Bear in mind that usually high commission rates are normally offered to products that are hard-sell. The commissions could be worth it but take time to study how much time you can get to close a sale for hard-sell pruducts. On the other hand merchants that offer lower commision rates are those products that are either low priced or are products that have the least resistance . It basically boils down to your preferences. Commisions are anywhere from1% to 95%. There are those that offer lifetime commisions.

· Compare the traffic in a merchants' website.

If the traffic is good, chances are that merchant already have too many affiliate pre selling for him. When that happens, the competition that you will have to overcome among the other marketing affiliates may not work very well for you. You will have to consider many advertising tactics to stand out and get a better hand at attracting traffic to yours.

If the traffic is not very good, it may be that the merchant is not good or the product he carries are. HOWEVER, there have been gold mines that have been discovered through this. First the merchant may be offering good commissions for the product to boost pre selling, and the product is actually good it just need more exposure. Try to discover them and know their products. There could be less competition there and you could have struck a treasure chest.

If you have doubts regarding the saleability of the products of website that attracts low traffic, it would be better if you will buy the products from them and try it yourself first. This way you can gain more confidence in refereing the products to your friends and visitors to your site.

The idea - with so many marketing affiliates and merchants doing business in the net, is to make the most out of every click and sales that can generate for your merchant.


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