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Creating Your Own Identity as a Marketing Affiliate Part 1

Not every business will work out. We already know that. In the affiliate marketing business, the same rule applies. Either because of your personality with regard to the product or services that we are selling affects your attitude towards those that your sites offer, the policy of the merchant affiliate, its marketing and sales program or a host of other factors. This is why it is not wise to get every possible product and post them in a site.

If the product is loosing, if it is not making money, dump it. Many marketers cling on hoping that the products somehow will take off on their site. If the product is giving your site a negative reputation throw it. Winners do it that way. They search for money makers and ride it for as long and as far as it can get them.

This is why you have to choose your merchant affiliate.

Here are several suggestions to get the right merchant affiliate.

The Identity of Your Website
There is this thing in marketing called branding. Often it is supported by logos, slogan and promotional drives. The main purpose is to give it a unique identity that any customer familiar with it will already have a picture in his mind what the product is all about and what the company stands for. It is, needless to say, putting their names out in the most positive light.

Just like your name, your site can also be branded. If your website is about books, do not mix it with used cars. You can create another site for that or have it in shared advertising.

It can make it so much easier for your customer to make identification once your site is mentioned. Your identity can stand out better. Advertising is recall. You are advertising by way of banners, blogs, articles, e-books and what have you in your site.

Have it branded. It can create so much impact with your customers and can generate a more focused traffic. Professional advertisers work like this. You can have the same benefit and it is already within the touch of your fingertips.

Check your merchant's website
If it is designed inappropriately that you yourself , when visiting that site will be wondering about the business it has for staying there do not identify yourself with it.

Many marketing affiliates do not bother very much on this. Yet this is a crucial rule in drawing customers to your attention. If you are selling on your site products that is not selling, one of the reasons maybe that the merchant's website is not designed to sell or is not focused.

The days of garish, outlandish and dumb looking banners is taking on an evolution of its own. Banners have a great way of communicating attitudes. Banners almost died as a result of indiscriminate eye damaging design that succeeded in it being identified with scams. Most customers have been shying away from that.

Check also the sales copy, privacy policy, product guarantees, discounts and after sales service. Copies again must be designed to sell. What to look out for are the benefits that a customer gets from the product. The copy must tell the customer what they can get out of it. Too many merchant affiliates (and marketing affiliates tell a longer story about their company and the great products that they have, their expertise) all of which sounds great but are in fact empty. The customer does not care about these. When this is in your merchants copy, expect the customer to grab their mouse and click to another site.


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