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First Step to Become Marketing Affiliate: Build Your Website

Becoming a marketing affiliate is both rewarding and time consuming. You can spend hundreds of hours planning, solving, and creating ways to make your product sell. You have to follow up on different areas like advertising, promotion, and write-ups to make more traffic than what you presently have. After this, you can earn money without a sweat.

But before you get to the stage when all you have to do is wait for your money to come in, you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is right in front of your computer. You have to build a website.

Making a website is not simply creating texts and mix-matching colors that you may look nice. You have to create a website that is both attractive and could send an impact to the visitors. In short, the website should sell. To achieve this, it needs several criteria:

- Catchy Headline. This happens to you: when you visit several site, there are those which you find interesting and there are some which you neglect. The secret? Headline. Most people, upon their first look on the website first look on the headline. If the headline is catchy they would stay, if not, they leave. Like newspaper headline, your site should contain a headline that means a lot to the visitors. Headlines must compel visitors to read the lines underneath.

- Attractive Home page. The life of websites depends on the homepage. For it is the first thing they see upon entering the site, home page should effectively attract people to it and invite them to browse on other pages. You might ask: what should be the content of the home page". Because your site is intended to sell, your home page should have a good combination of text and advertisements. It does not necessarily be colourful, instead, prioritise on the harmony. Crowded home page is not inviting. Aim for simple yet elegant home page.

- Keep your links visible. If you are making a site that is intended for e-commerce sites which aims to corner the visitor to one link, that is the "buy now" link", linking is not an issue. But you are making an affiliate website and the intention is not to corner but to provide useful links to visitors and lead them to several sites. The more links you have the more reputation you gain because you provide help to the visitors.

- Provide good articles. Write comprehensive reviews, articles, and useful contents. This would make you more popular to the search engines. Use This site would provide you relative keywords you can use on your articles and other texts.

- Do not forget FAQs. You should agree on this: people need answers to their questions and if the site would not provide such answers, they would leave. That is why it is important to include FAQs on your website. This would draw more traffic and would let the visitors have the idea of what the site is all about. If you are not aware of the general questions of the public, start asking yourself.

- Provide more than what is expected. Add more products and services such as free downloads. This would attract visitor that could be a potential costumer.

Now that you know what to consider when building your own website which is the main step in success, you are almost certain your affiliate marketing career would flourish.


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