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How to Make Most Out of Affiliate Marketing

It is quite amazing how affiliate marketing has grown for years. Along with its success are the marketing affiliates that made a career out of site referrals without even making a sweat, which in turn creates money or popularly termed to as commission. But there's a catch: to start as a marketing affiliate does not guarantee you 100% success like those who win big time in this field. Listed below are the key elements that need to be given full attention when starting as a marketing affiliate.

1. Your website. The great success of marketing affiliates is the caused by their websites. This is because websites attract visitors. You yourself must have experienced the 2-second getaway: you click on a particular website, and in 2 seconds, you are on the next. The point is to trap visitors for at least a couple of minutes just to give time to see the content of your page. It is also important to set a theme for your site. Base your product to this theme and you one step closer from generating enough visitors and get the money to start flowing. The site would also give you the idea

2. The merchant's site. When you choose an affiliate merchant, you should consider the website. It is often neglected that the merchant's website holds the actual sales. Make sure your merchant's site is made to sell. Make sure that when choosing your merchant, you research on other important criteria such as discounts, private policy, sales copy, and product guarantee. These things invite visitors to make transaction to the site, thus giving you commission.

3. Type of products and/or services. Don't you feel ashamed if you recommend a certain product or a service provider which turned out to be a fraud or simply a product of low-standard? This is the main reason why you should select a merchant affiliate product you yourself would be proud to have. Avoiding sub-standard product would save you and your website's reputation for the future referrals. Moreover, making sure that the merchant's reputation is not questionable. You would know if the merchant is reputable or not from affiliates that are already in the business. Therefore, you should choose a merchant with good product and good reputation.

4. The commission. Once you determined your site and your merchant, know about the commission. There are many types of affiliate commission schemes. On the top of the list are pay per click, pay per lead, and pay for sale. These three could be combined depending on the merchant. Usually, the commission rate start at 5 to 10 cents per click. Clear these things and make a good assessment.

5. Tracking software. If you want an accurate sales report, you should consider the type of tracking used by the merchant. This will ensure you that all the sales that were the result of your referrals would be accountable to you.

6. Payment scheme. The best part of all days work is when you receive your paycheck. But before you celebrate, make sure that you get the clear payment scheme of your affiliate merchant. Know the rates and frequency of the payment to avoid confusion.

Knowing all 6 would greatly affect your career as a Marketing affiliate. Although this is a great work, the payoffs are worth the effort.


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