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Rating your Affiliate Business High on Search Engines

The competition for better search engine rankings created a field of online marketing strategies that gave also gave way to spamming. But, this is not to say though that everyone who practiced tricks similar to spamming activities is an unscrupulous business site owner. There are many activities that are smart to use if the site owner wants to attract more visits to his website without resorting to spamming. 

Search engines today can easily detect most spamming and lower a sites relevancy ratings when it has detected certain practices like keyword stuffing in meta tags, irrelevant keywords, irrelevant linkages, link farms and free for all links are being practiced by a website owner.

There are still many options available to web site owners that are considered "White Hat" or safe promotional methods. Some of the basic guidelines when performing search engine optimization are.

  • Link only with relevant sites. Linking with relevant sites places you together with a common targeted market or neighborhood. Search engines give high ratings also for the quality of content common to the two linking sites. They will also notice where on the page the link is located. Links within the text of the page have more weight than links in the footer.
    The more relevant the common content has, the better it will place you on ratings.
  • Include only relevant keywords in your Meta keyword tags. You may be penalized by search engines for including keywords that have nothing to do with the content of the page the meta tags are part of.
  • Search engines will also penalize pointer pages (also called Doorway pages) in your site. To avoid this, create contents rich pages that will provide users with useful information. Creating multiple sites that have no content except for the purpose of being a doorway to your site will be detected and penalized.
  • Do not "Cloak" keywords. This is done by hiding the keywords on your page in any way. A common way is to repeat the keywords over and over on the bottom of your page and change the text color to match the back ground. All of the major search engines can detect cloaking.

Content rich information will drive traffic to your Affiliate web site.

Having content rich information pages will boost your ranking in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Search engines love content rich pages and will direct traffic to the sites will the most relavant content to a visitors search.

  • Submitting your site to online directories can also improve traffic to your site.
    Do not limit your submission to big directories. Having your site on smaller directories can increase your ranking with major search engines.
    For additional information on directory sumission read our page on Submitting your Affiliate web site to Directories
    You will find our Affiliate Marketing Guide Directory to be an excellent source of Directories and othe ways to increase the links to your affiliate web site.
  • Link to other content rich sites.
    You do not have to stop with one info page. The more you create links with relevant sites, the more you can multiply your site with separate links that points to your site where you can use specific keyword phrases to each individual site.

Search engines are frequently changing thier algorithms to detect tactics that online marketers sometimes apply in order to boost thier rankings. Visit SEO forums and reputable blogs frequently to keep up on the best ways to promote your affiliate website. You will find many good blogs and forums in the Marketing Tips section of the Affiliate Marketing Guide Forum

Many Search engines do not be use a common approach in ranking sites. What may rank well for Yahoo may rank lower in Google and vice versa. Plan on doing some reseach on each search engine that you would link to rank well in.


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