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Why submit your Affiliate web site to Directories

There are four main benefits to submitting your affiliate marketing website to web directories. Not all directories cover all four benefits; some only provide a few or are of no benefit at all.
  • Passing authority
  • Passing page rank (PR)
  • Traffic
  • Keywords in text of links pointing to your site.

After reading through this you might want to go through the Directory Sites and Services in our Affiliate Marketer Guide Directory.

Passing Authority

Some directories are more trusted than others; good examples of trusted web directories are the DMOZ and Yahoo Directories. The search engines have more trust that if a site is included in these directories it must be a better site. There are likely many more web directories that can be included to this list, although only the search engines know for sure which ones qualify.

The best way to guess which ones are considered authority web directories are the directories PR, the age of the directory, the quality of the links in the directory including the link text and description, and how well the directory is organized.

Not all directories are made so that they will pass PR well. Some will try to stop the passing of PR by adding “No Follow” tags to the links, the head portion of the page, or the robots.txt page.

Even if the directory does hinder the ability to pass PR, it still may be worth getting a link to your site into. Remember that the main reason you want links to your site is for traffic. If the directory is likely to be sending you traffic it is worth the effort to submit to the site, and might even be worth paying a fee.


Not all directories will give you traffic, in fact most will not. And even the most prominent directories like DMOZ and Yahoo, often send very little traffic.

Some web directories are an exception to this rule. Niche directories often send a nice flow of traffic to your site. A high traffic travel directory, for example, will likely send traffic to your site each week. Often though these directories know that they are sending traffic and you will be required to pay to get into the directory.

Another good example of a directory designed to send traffic is the directory attached to the Affiliate Marketing Guide. This guide is designed to help affiliate marketers find the resources they need, so links are found throughout this site, which direct potential visitors to categories of the directory, which contain sites they will be interested in.

Link Text

Search engines use link text to help determine what a site is about. Lower quality directories are an excellent source of keyword based link text. Often they will be of little benefit in passing Authority, PR, or Traffic, but you can use the huge quantity of them to help the search engines know what your site is about. That does not mean that you spam the directory with link text that is only a bunch of keywords, but often you can adjust the link text you suggest to include a keyword.

Adding your affiliate marketing site to directories can be a lot of work, but it is worth the expense. One good resource that can help you get the job done quickly is found at Easy Directory Submission. There are also a number of businesses that can do the work for you at a very reasonable cost, you will find some at Directory Submission Services


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