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Tips to Improve Traffic to your Site

You have done the basic. You have your website, a good brand, and products that can be comfortable selling. Now you need to increase visit to your website to increase your commission. You have tried some of the things that are suggested but that is not yet enough.

Try these:

· Try to join marketers that have a high rating. Joining marketers that ranks high relevancy rate on search engines lumps you into similar category. This is similar to the category management that is being exercised in shopping centers where buyers visit a particular section where they can have their purchases.

· Generate articles. Search engines love articles that are stuffed with information. If you can not have articles by other means, write it yourself. Make your articles unbiased. If it is perceived to that your articles hidden ploys to sell your products, customers will be drawn to it.

· Create and e-book. E-books should have advertisement links to your affiliate web site. Submit the e-book to directories. Your e-books should have the subjects that your customer will be drawn enough to down load them.

· Join other affiliate programs and have them advertised in the directory format of your site. Advertise the free affiliate program directory.

· Even when your merchant have banner design suggestions that are standards in the offerings that he makes for his affiliates, find out if you can deviate from this and have banner design of your own. You have to stand out from the crowd of advertisers that are in the net, squaring it off for the same target market that you have.

· If you can offer free online services and utilities from your web, it could help drive traffic to your site. Use that to advertise other affiliate links that you have so that browsers can click on them.

· Personal testimonial ads can also be a powerful tool that you can use. But the product and use it yourself. From that you will know on first hand information the actual results and benefits the product gives. A personal testimony when delivered with sincere conviction is a very good persuader.

· Use attention-grabbing headlines. Headlines are extremely important to draw your customer to the body of your ad. You have to grab their attention enough to draw them to your main message. A short burst of meaningful power packed words can do the trick. You can also use sentence fragments that tell what you want to communicate to the customer in the shortest possible terms. Headlines must be used to get attention enough to prevent your customer from clicking that mouse to another site.

· Swap links with other marketers that are promoting products that serves a similar market category that you are promoting to. You are a pre-seller. The job is to pre sell through advertisement and referral. The more you multiply your frequency, the better chance you get at getting ahead of the hundreds of thousands of marketing affiliates that are in competition for the attention of their respective target markets.

· Participate in forums. Get into web discussions. You already know the
most common question that customers ask. Create a FAQ section in your WebPages.

· Create e-zine and advertise the affiliate programs that you are also into. Use e-mails to advantage.

These are some of the many ways to improve your site and traffic.


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